Flat Heart Shaped Leaf Dish

Flat Heart Shaped Leaf Dish


This flat heart shaped plate is hand built in white clay, and then fired with a matte green glaze. Brown crystals were added, and during firing they melt, making a gorgeous, organic pattern on the leaf. Perfect for trinkets, jewelry, a small serving dish and more. This piece is dishwasher, food, and microwave safe (although hand washing is recommended).

Leaf plates platters and dishes are each a unique, functional piece of art. They are made by pressing leaves I’ve foraged from gardens, trees, and parks. No two are alike, and from start to finish each piece takes anywhere from a week to a month to hand build, dry, bisque fire, glaze (and sometimes add washes to the veins), and then fire a second time.

Please note that shipping has not yet been added to the price, and can range from 15 to 50 dollars depending on the weight and where you live.

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